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Bots around the world

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1Bots around the world Empty Bots around the world on Wed May 30, 2012 7:15 pm

I noticed that on the server there are bots around the world that are called Nazi and are dressed as Adolf Hitler skins.
I really think you need to delete this cause this has a really bad influence on your server.

If you wont delete them im not sure if i would even want to play on your server cause you apparently dont know how bad the Nazi's has been.

I absolutely dont see the fun in placing Nazi bots around the world.

Hope to hear/see something soon, EthiiC

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2Bots around the world Empty Re: Bots around the world on Thu May 31, 2012 12:42 pm

well this is like a island design for Nazi if l am correctly and l know how the Nazi suffer okay? l read history or l already fail my grade 3 and Hitler was not in the name is just Nazi? does it also affect anything well to me at least is nothing but try to get used to it as it look like a design for Nazi but i think is not so *Hitler Model* well u can build ur house far away just like me l build 5 island away from spawn AS u know right spakon but l really really think this is a bad influence to our sever as far we respect Germany but maybe this is only my option l still need to see those Mod And admin option, my option is good as nothing but decided to post anyway

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