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The adventure of Deathblast

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1The adventure of Deathblast Empty The adventure of Deathblast on Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:07 am

Once a porn a time where a young men called Deathblast He was original until.............He found out his a bronies
he search for an answer and found SpakonCraft a nice place to live and so Deathblast has settle here, he can still remmeber when he first enter the server it was amazing to him Such good memories deserved to be reconsidering again and hope for it to happen again, He needs to built a house so he went far away travel for 5hours 1block away from spawn, he need to take a break and so he can a Pillz out and eat it and so he dig underwater and built a house and so he forgot he got torches
He die... But was revived by A magical Power that exist in Only minecraft. he found it fun and so he jump off the tree and die OVER 9000 and so he found a dude name akositroy20 and play with him until a Darkness has make the server luge in the darkness till a man appeared His name is non-other then Spakon
he use the console power and do /Ban darkness3243434989 /whitelist darkness 3243434989
and also /Kittycannon darkness 3243434989
and /lighting 3243434989
and also /sm_spawn name >Mob >aggresive >Listen to summoner >Name <Herobrine
the darkness fear herobrine so he said:BAI
and the peace was once again back
But spakon forgot to remove herobrine =(

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2The adventure of Deathblast Empty LOL on Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:12 pm


Fun story bro!

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