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Theese following ranks exist in SpakoCraft:

Owner: Gains Access to all commands
Co-Owner: Gains acces to all Essential commands, and helps with the website and plugins.
Admin: Gains Acces to all Essential commands. Able to /kill
UltiMod: Between admin and Moderator.
Moderator: Gains acces to godmode and item spawning, Also helps guests. Able to Mute.
Mini-Mod: Almost a moderator, is also able to setwarps.
V.I.P: Donated 20$ to the server
$$$Donator$$$: Donated 15 $ to the server, also allowd to spawn items and set warps
$$Donator$$: Donated 8 $ to the server, allowed to spawn items
$Donator$: Donated 5 $ to the server.
Mini-Donator: Donated 3 $ to the server.
Advertiser: maked a youtube video about the server and got more than 600 views. It's also easyer to be Advanced if you already are Advertiser.
Advanced: Is a trusted member, gets more respect
Member: Get's building rights, sethome. Basic commands.
Newcomer: A new player that recently joined the server
Rapist: A player that was using bad language/caps
Griefer: A Player that griefed

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